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By Madison Behringer

This Autumn, Finders Keepers market will be taking over The Cutaway at Barangaroo Reserve over the first weekend in May. For those who have never experienced Finders Keepers before, imagine your local farmer’s market but on steroids. Lots of steroids. Add in a huge line-up of live music, food and live entertainment, and you have yourself a fantastic day out with endless things to do and see. 

Finders Keepers was originally developed in 2007, with Directors Brooke Johnston and Sarah Thornton wanting to create a market that simply didn’t exist in Sydney – a place that would bring all their fashion, art, food and community needs under one roof.

“It was supposed to be a series of one-off events, and evolved into something much bigger!” said the pair, before going on to say, “The one-off events had music, food and was a celebratory type atmosphere that we originally just wanted to see bring together people that had the same ethos and care for authentic design.”

Both Sarah and Brooke had a passion for this authentic and unique type of market from the beginning, sharing with City Hub what their first market was like.

“The first market in 2007 was a rainy night in June. We were thinking ‘we hope people come’, and the first night packed out! It was all word of mouth marketing – we had no start-up funds but the word spread and people simply loved it.”

The pair have always valued and nurtured the importance of creating a sustainable shopping environment at their Finders Keepers markets, with this notion running alongside their three key values: Community, Connection and Creativity. The team believe in supporting independent Australian artists and stallholders. Before one of their markets is held, the curators at Finders Keepers spend months going through stallholder applications looking for applicants that are a perfect fit. Speaking on this process, Sarah and Brooke said, “Overall we look for innovative and original work; and products and items that fit in with the overall vision of the Finders Keepers.”

One stall to look out for at the upcoming Finders Keepers market at Barangaroo is Bask Capsule, a label designed and run by Rebekah Delaney. Rebekah’s label and design process are heavily centred around similar values to those held by the Finders Keepers team. 

“For us, sustainability and ethical production are non-negotiable. We want to ensure the products we’re putting into the world are making a positive contribution,” Rebekah said, going on to explain their sustainability commitment further. “There are two branches in our sustainability commitment. The first is the immediate impact of our wares on the environment. The materials we use, production processes, waste minimisation, packaging. The second is around how our wares are consumed. The development of Bask Capsule shifts the emphasis from trend-based clothing to a more thoughtful wardrobe. Timeless, trans-seasonal pieces slowly gathered, cherished and worn again, and again, and again.”

The guys and gals at Finders Keepers are just as on-board with ideals such as those held by Bask Capsule, saying, “investing in better design and craftsmanship with longevity is important to us and promoting sustainability and ethical design is one of our core values. We also love that designers are leading this movement, they’re coming up with clever ideas and solutions to problems and leading these areas.”

Bask Capsule seek to be sustainably accountable throughout the whole process of their clothing and accessory line. The label uses material offcuts from their clothing pieces to make accessories and other items. They also only produce their items made-to-order, or in small runs in Sydney. 

“This allows us to stay receptive to demand and avoid dead stock. Each step of this production process, from the pattern making, to the cutting room floor, through to the sewn garments uses materials as economically as possible,” Rebekah explained. 

Finders Keepers at Barangaroo this May will have all of their regular cherished and celebrated features such as live music, fashion and design stalls, art, food, bars and community events, with an exciting addition provided by adored Aussie magazine Frankie.

“Our longstanding media partners Frankie are hosting some ‘chinwags’ which are panel talks about the value of the handmade,” shared the girls from Finders Keepers. “Our incredible major partner Xero is hosting a special recharge lounge and Castle & Cubby are hosting free planting workshops for kids. Other than that, as always we offer a full line up of live music all weekend long!”

Rebekah from Bask Capsule told City Hub how much she looks forward to the Finders Keepers events. 

“I can’t wait to see what everyone else has to bring to the Market! Finders Keepers is a great place to discover new designers and other like-minded makers. I’ve met so many wonderful individuals along the way so the biannual markets are a brilliant opportunity to see how these Australian brands evolve.”

May 3-5. The Cutaway, Barangaroo Reserve, Hickson Road, Barangaroo. $5. Tickets & Info: