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1929 Indian’s debut EP is a dreamy five-track offering, called funnily enough, The Dreaming. With heavy synth and poetic lyrics, it’s a sound that stepped straight out of the eighties new wave movement and into our reality. They hail from the east coast of Australia and are individually known as Brendy Cann, Tyler Gibbs, Ruth MacDonald, Patrick Sullivan and Alex Connell. Despite being a fairly new band, formed in 2010, 1929 Indian’s first EP was a hotly anticipated release on the indie-pop scene.

The band’s own website describes their sound as “stadium sized drums, driving bass and a seamless relationship between lead guitar and synth brought together by the haunting beckon of vocals.” This distinctive sound is evident straight off the bat in first song, North Into The Sky. Women In Cages relies more heavily on the synthesiser element and symbols to set a faster pace before 0.1 Lux slows things down with pronounced electric guitar. Six O’clock Swill has a distinct experimental pop sound that could have been included in any classic Bowie album, while final track The Dreaming rounds things off nicely with an upbeat, cryptic lyrical flourish that reflects the band perfectly. ***