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The Cervantes Institute in Sydney will host the third edition of the “Spanish Cultural Diversity Day Celebration” on April 21.

Spanish speaking cultures will be displayed through dance, games, music, talks, singing, crafts and food.

Everything will be in Spanish and is free-of-charge, including face painting, games, storytelling and cartoons for the kids.

More than 100,000 Spanish speaking immigrants in Australia came from Spain and at least 15 South American nations since the 1950s.

Now, a new wave of young educated migrants and tens of thousands of Spanish speaking international students are arriving in Australia.

According to Mara Chidzey, from the Colombia in Australia Cultural Association, the festival aims to “raise awareness about the fact that Spanish speakers and Latin Cultures in Australia are seen as one thing because we share language and certain behaviours, but it is a very rich and diverse group of cultures, each one with its own characteristics”.

Latin American and Spanish festivals in Australia are celebrated throughout the year.

They are popular, in part, because they are seen as exotic. Every week there is a Latin party or festival in cities around Australia.

The most popular ones are Bondiesta (Bondi Latin Festival), Ventana Latina, the Melbourne Latin Fiesta, the Spanish Film Festival, the Latin-American Film Festival and the Darling Harbour Latin Fiesta.

But the purpose of Spanish Diversity Day is to go beyond the “cool” profile of “Latinos” and to promote the diversity and complexity of Spanish Speaking cultures and their place in Australia.

For the organisation, Spanish Diversity Day is educational as well as festive with displays of music and dance from several countries.

This year’s festival will showcase Uruguay, Panama, Peru and the Easter Islands.

There will also be a Spanish Gaita player from Asturias.

Ms Chidzey said this show will surprise its audience because of the similarities to Scottish bagpipes.

For those who arrive early, there will be the chance to taste authentic Spanish paella.

The event is sponsored by the Spanish Community Care Association, the Spanish & Latin American Association for Social Assistance, the Colombia in Australia Cultural Association, the Cervantes Institute and the City of Sydney.

The cultural day is this Saturday from 12.30-4pm at the Cervantes Institute, 22-24 City Rd in Chippendale.

By Florencia Melgar