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A L’Aveuglette – Francoiz Breut

By Chris Peken

Step aside, make room, i know it’s crowded here in the “Chanteuse Room”, but make way for another. For those who discover Francoiz Breut through her first three albums will note a decidedly light tone on A L’Aveuglette, but fear not another album of Continental Lite, the dark and haunting undertow is still there, just a little subtler. Weather this is matched by her lyrical content only a native French speaker could tell you. But you don’t need to understand the language to hear her intent. Sultry and sexy, but raw and dangerous; take this woman on at your own peril. Breut is following on a well established line, from Serge Gainsbourg and Leonard Cohen to Nick Cave and PJ Harvey (take Nebuleux Bonhomme as case in point). Breut continues to give us hope that Europe can drag itself out of the musical mire.