Megan Wilding. Photo: Chandel Brandimarti

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JackRabbit Theatre is set to present the world premiere of Megan Wilding’s debut play A Little Piece Of Ash at Kings Cross Theatre (KXT). The play focuses on Jedda, a young Aboriginal woman dealing with the grief and loss of losing her mother. Based on her own experiences, Megan will bring her heart-wrenchingly sad yet beautifully funny play to the stage, not only as the show’s writer but as a cast member and the director of the piece. 

Proud Aboriginal actor Stephanie Sommerville plays the role of Jedda in the play, and spoke about her immediate love and appreciation for the show, “I remember when I read it the first time what an incredible play it was and how different I thought it was.” Of her character Jedda, Steph shared, “Jedda is a bit of a loose unit! What I like about her is that she’s very multidimensional. She can be a bit of an asshole but also has an amazing capacity for love.”

This is not the first work that Megan and Steph have worked on together, having both studied at WAPA before moving to Sydney.

“She [Megan] was always someone that I very much looked up to and idolised,” Steph said. “It’s been very exciting getting to work with her on a professional level.”

The show certainly incorporates Aboriginal themes and heritage into its storyline, an element that Steph feels a strong connection to, saying, “…there’s a link between death and The Dreaming and how death is not the end, it’s just a change.”

A Little Piece Of Ash was shortlisted for the 2017 Patrick White Playwrights Award and is set to enthral audiences at KXT during its debut. Of the play’s premiere, Steph said, “I think audiences can expect to be a little bit surprised. Although it’s a play about grief, there’s a lot of comedy in it, a lot of absurdity, just like in life.”

Apr 16-27. Kings Cross Theatre, 244-246 William St, Potts Point. $35-$40+b.f. Tickets & Info:


By Madison Behringer