Bryony Kimmings. Photo: Christa Holka

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Cancer has had such an adverse effect on the lives of countless millions of people globally over years that it’s hard to believe that this is the first theatre production of its kind. With six performers on stage this incredibly successful show from the UK delves into everything about The Big C which people always wanted to know about but were too afraid to ask. The pain and diagnosis, the treatment cycles and the hairlessness resulting from these treatments and ultimately death are just a few of the topics explored in this poignant yet strangely funny stage show.

“This is certainly a very unique show. I’ve never seen a stage production about cancer. It’s absolutely not a traditional musical and I would call it a performance piece like nothing you’ve ever seen before,” explained director Kirsty Housley. “It’s a difficult subject but the show has comical elements and I really hope that audiences will laugh, especially in the finale which serves as an emotional release.”

The incidence of cancer seems to be increasing at an alarming rate worldwide and the forecast is that one in three people in the UK alone will be diagnosed with cancer.

“I don’t think the purpose of this show is to educate, but more importantly for audiences to have a collective experience about cancer.”

But should theatregoers who are living with cancer attend this show? “That depends entirely on the individual’s experience. For some it may be raw and painful and may be a trigger for an emotional upset. Ultimately it’s an individual choice as people will know where they’re at emotionally with the disease.” (MMo)

Mar 22-29. Seymour Centre, Cnr City Rd & Cleveland St, Chippendale. $62-$69+b.f. Tickets & Info: