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Now, I love talking. But I will admit that fast-paced conversation in performances can do my head in. It’s like there is a metaphorical bottle of Coca Cola in my brain and someone has just dropped two Mentos into it.

Major. Mind. Implosion.

However, it was clear that as I walked out of the Ensemble Theatre, the brilliantly scripted A Picasso by Jeffrey Hatcher was a welcome breath of fresh air for my too-often confuddled mind.

With a two-actor cast, a desk and various paintings and framed works setting the scene, each enunciation of this elaborate but fantastic dialogue contained enough wit, passion, and sexuality to reel you hook, line and sinker for the prevailing 90 minutes.

Both Danny Adcock, whose portrayal of the legendary Picasso was second to none, and Sharon Millerchip, a sinister yet seductive German officer, exuded authenticity. They owned their mannerisms and accents, so much so that you honestly questioned if there were a few more German soldiers guarding the theatre doors.

No matter whether you are a lover of art or history; nothing can override the chemistry between these two characters, something of which director Nicole Selby should be immensely proud.

Until Oct 20, Ensemble Theatre, 78 McDougall St, Kirribilli, $29-60, 9929 0644,