Luke Hespanhol 'Maybe, Maybe Not', 2015, Computer Generated Video, 5:20.

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Video art is versatile; whether you revel in the low-brow glow of moving pictures or struggle to grasp the intersection of the digital and the real in a gallery space, there’s no denying its versatility – it can be shown on a monitor, projected on a wall, sculpture or building, or played on a TV.

And VIVID was certainly not the first instance of video art being showcased to the masses, dLux MediaArts have been in the business of making and supporting video art since its inception as the Sydney Super 8 Film Group in 1982.

For one night only, dLux invite Sydney-siders to immerse themselves in the wonder that is video art whilst lounging about in comfort in Annandale’s latest pop-up space.

dLux has surveyed its vast collection of works from a number of touring shows and exhibitions to bring audiences a selection of video art. Visitors will be able to view art from emerging practitioners to seasoned professionals as the collection will display early works from the 80’s through to today.

“Video is such an important part of culture today as it allows a younger generation, who have been brought up on TV and video, to engage with the arts. Video art is a moving picture that can tell a thousand stories depending on who’s watching it. Like all great art, video art is subjective, nuanced, and visually compelling,” says dLux Exhibition Coordinator Giorgia Gakas.

This event is free to enter and all bar proceeds will go towards supporting dLux’s wide range of artistic endeavours. (AM)

Nov 2, 6pm-9pm. Off Broadway Festival Hub, 74-76 Pyrmont Bridge Rd, Annandale. Free. Info: (register via Eventbrite)