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Having recently found “internet fame” Aaron Chen returns for his second encore performance by popular demand. This encore performance relays the success of his debut solo show which has taken Australia by storm, winning him the Best Newcomer Award at both the Melbourne International and Sydney Comedy Festivals this year.

Not a stranger to winning awards, Aaron was part of winning comedy trio Zanzoop who took home the Director’s Choice Award at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and had previously been a grand finalist of RAW Comedy in 2013 and won Class Clowns in 2012.

Bringing his never ending charm to the forefront of his career Aaron Chen reveals how he feels about his current comedic position, “I am frightened. I’m too tired and there are a lot of haters out there and tall poppy syndrome and most of the comedy scene want to cut me down.”

The reason for Aaron Chen’s recently found “internet fame” falls upon the video of himself broadcasting from a Sydney FC soccer game, shown on ABC. It went somewhat viral on Facebook, shared through the purveyors of meme culture. However, he remains adamant that it was intentional, “I knew it went viral. I orchestrated it. It made me feel upset that I could sway mass media so easily. Mass media is a broken branch on a dying oak tree.”

When asked directly about how he feels about being able to tell jokes as a part of his work life, he said “I don’t know any other life. Unfortunately. It is killing me.” It is evident that Aaron Chen is humorous in all walks of his life, whether that be during an interview or up on the stage.

Aug 12, 7:15pm. The Comedy Store, The Entertainment Quarter, Moore Park. $25+b.f. Tickets & Info:

By Tommy Boutros.