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Rafael Bonachela is back with an electrifying new work, ab [intra], which showcases Australia’s best contemporary dancers and explores the extremes of human nature.

ab [intra] delves into the motivations of human relationships and questions the drive behind one’s ambitions.

“ab [intra] translates from Latin for “from within”, which I find very poetic. It’s a very intimate, very personal and very unique world that I have created with the dancers, a universe full of sensations and emotions through the purity of movement,” choreographer, Rafael Bonachela said.

With tradition and modernism colliding in his work, Bonachela aimed to create a unique journey for each individual viewer.

“It’s always important for audiences to connect one way or another, I don’t pretend that everybody will feel the same way and that everyone will connect in the same way. I hope there is an individual journey for everyone that connects with them on an emotional level.”

ab [intra] is a “personal performance”, with the inspiration coming from within the dancers and their responses to improvised dance.

“The process started with a series of improvisations, I asked the dancers to be in the moment with each other, to feel and listen to each other and to use their instincts, impulses and responses. Each improvisation was recorded and afterwards each dancer wrote down anonymously their thoughts, feelings and sensations and that became the inspiration, the trigger and the seeds for the work.”

May 14-26. Roslyn Packer Theatre, 22 Hickson Road, Walsh Bay. $20-$90. Tickets & Info:

By Jade Morellini