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David Collins is best known as one half of the infamous Umbilical Brothers. For 21 years he and Shane Dundas have been performing their unique brand of sound effect comedy for audiences all over the world. Now Collins has been cut loose from their chord to perform in The Luck Child for Sydney Theatre Company’s Actor On A Box series.

“The brief is to introduce the magic of live performance to children of all ages,” explains Collins. So what is it going to be like flying solo onstage? “Freeeedom,” he sings. “Actually, I’m already wondering how the heck I am going to get from one character to another.”

In a show created together with Director Jonathan Biggins, Collins plays every character from an evil king to a hound from hell and a wizard, just to name a few. “I’m doing about 15 characters, not all of them are human.”

The story is based loosely on a Russian folk tale and is aimed at children of all ages. “It’s got plenty of gags for the adults, the kids just won’t get that second layer,” says Collins.

Like a big kid bursting with energy and that trademark enthusiasm, Collins says excitedly, “Our hope is that every child is going to think of itself as a luck child by the end of the show.”

Jul 6-15, Sydney Theatre, Pier 4 Hickson Road, Walsh Bay, $15, 9250 1777,