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This play was first written by Terence Rattigan and performed in 1939, six weeks before the outbreak of WWII. It is a time that has been lost and forgotten. After The Dance reminds the audience just how relative the past is and does so with the truths and boldness of love and redemption.

Director Giles Gartrell-Mills says, “I’ve not directed a play from this era before and it’s a long time since I’ve worked on a show without music or ‘numbers’ in it.”

It’s intense, it’s brutally honest and the passion Giles has for Rattigan’s writing is clearly shown on stage. “The actors experience a full range of emotion,” Giles states.

They have been rehearsing for six weeks and it will be the first time this play has been performed in Sydney. “It was only most recently rediscovered in the UK.” Giles shares.

“The characters often find it hard to communicate their true feelings for fear of being ‘boring’ to others – often with disastrous consequences. This is more honest, in my opinion. In life we are much more likely to keep things bottled up for fear of judgement.”

A solid cast of 14 actors, and a story filled with richness and history is very compelling for the Sydney stage. Giles finishes with, “Listen for the details. There’s a lot going on beneath the surface on every page.”

It’s important to listen, observe and possibly experience something from the past. This will add more depth, growth and compassion for humanity today.

Until Sept 9. New Theatre, 542 King Street, Newtown. $20-$35. Tickets & Info:

By Olivia Lyle