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Performing his stand-up show, So Wrong, It’s Wrong at the Factory Theatre is online content creator and comedian, Alex Williamson. This show is a one-hour honesty session that will shake your faith in humanity, restore it then smash it again.

Talking to City Hub, Alex decided to pursue comedy when he realised, “if I attempted to hold down a real job that required me to be somewhere at a certain time every day with any sort of work ethic I’d have ended up being a homeless heroin addict.”

On his hit, online character Shooter Williams and whether he would prefer to create content or perform stand-up, “I get a bit more personal on stage, I hide behind a few characters in the videos, so you do get a glimpse of the real Alex through my stage persona, and it’s definitely more messed up than my fabricated online persona,” Alex says laughing.

As for the content of So Wrong, It’s Wrong, “they often say my show isn’t for the faint hearted and that’s a little bit true, if you’re a deeply religious 90-year-old with a pacemaker who’s easily offended there’s a massive chance you will die 15 minutes into my show. That should entice the young ones though! Sex, drugs and paedophiles is the short answer.”

Having sold out previous shows this may be the last chance to get in and catch this unfiltered, crude and hilarious show.

Jul 7. Factory Theatre, 105 Victoria Rd, Marrickville. $32.50+b.f. Tickets & Info:

By Riley Hooper.