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Richard Dawkins is not one to shy away from controversy. From his devastating critiques of religion (bestselling book The God Delusion for example) to his role as a forerunner of evolutionary science in the 21st century, Dawkins has provoked, stimulated, outraged, and shocked audiences around the world. His latest novel, The Magic of Reality, sees Dawkins exploring his inner child in his first book aimed at a family audience, produced to inspire and amaze readers of all ages with the magic of science. “I want to show you that the real world, as understood scientifically, has a magic of its own – the kind I call poetic magic: an inspiring beauty which is all the more magical because it is real and because we can understand how it works,” Dawkins says of the book. Intrigued? The Sydney Opera House, as part of their regular Ideas at the House series, are hosting the magic man himself, in conversation with famed physicist Lawrence Krauss. The scientific duo will talk about Dawkins’ new book, and help audiences to discover why plain old reality has so much more to offer than fairy tales ever could. Apr 16, 7pm, Sydney Opera House Concert Hall, Bennelong Point, $35-45, / 9250 7777