Subtlenuance Theatre presents And Now To Bed.

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And Now To Bed is the third instalment in the Table Talk Trilogy, which approaches topics considered taboo or ‘inappropriate’ for dinner table discussion.

While previous instalments have tackled politics and religion, And Now To Bed tells tales about sex in in a sweet and seductive manner.

Producer Daniela Giorgi has spared no efforts in using the collaborative process of theatre as the perfect forum to merge the actor’s personal stories with the writer’s voices to explore this broad topic:

You won’t see seven separate monologues, but all of the stories entwined together… You see the actor’s story but you also hear the writer’s voice.”

“We’re not aiming to explore all of sexuality – we’d need seven billion people to do that,” she is quick to explain. This theatrical collaboration serves more as a snapshot or a ‘taster plate’ of varied sexual experiences.

While the play does explore darker moments, overall the tone is joyful and hopeful.

“It’s a democratic process – you are baring your soul to the audience, and the audience has to be there with you… much like sex, actually.”

Giorgi says the Kings Cross Hotel has been a massive help as a venue, but it also grows into a character in its own right. The performance and the venue team together to capture the history of the glamour and the seedy underworld of Sydney’s red light district.

11 – 22 March. 8pm Tues ‐ Sat, 5pm Sun. The Theatre, Level 4, Kings Cross Hotel, 244–248 William Street, Potts Point. $15 – $20.