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Angela’s Kitchen, the autobiographical tale about iconic Australian singer and actor Paul Capsis’ Maltese grandmother, returns for a new season in 2012.

Capsis’ one-man-show chronicles Angela’s life, her journey to Australia, life in Surry Hills and the many characters who joined her along the way.

“It was [director Julian Meyrick’s] idea to do the piece,” says Capsis. “Initially I was resisting the whole thing because I found it was too close to my grandmother’s death. After some time went by I thought, ‘it could be really healing for me to do it and reconnect me with my grandmother’s spirit, her memory,’ and that’s exactly what it did.”

“It’s a very quintessential Australian story really, and it’s the story of people coming to this country, having to leave their home,” says Capsis. The eponymous Angela had escaped war and poverty in 1948 to seek refuge on Australian soils.

While the story has mostly remained the same since the first season, Capsis himself has changed.

“A year and five months later, a lot has happened. I’ve done a lot and you’re in a different head space so I think it will be a slightly different show,” says Capsis.

In the end, though, it is the intimacy of Capsis’ relationship with Angela that resonates with audiences.

“I do think of her a lot and I do miss her terribly,” says Capsis.

May 15-Jun 19, SBW Stables Theatre, 10 Nimrod St, Kings Cross, $30-49, 9361 3817,