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Angles – Dan Le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip

by Aidan Roberts

This release from the rambunctious Essex duo feels like a boxing match; enigmatic producer/mixer Dan Le Sac takes to the ring with the rambling vocal stylings of Scroobius Pip, whose name is appropriately gleaned from a mischievous English folktale character. What results is a layered, streetwise mash-up of hip-hop, soul and dance adventures. The Beat That My Heart Skipped is the first punch thrown, and Pip and Le Sac continue their vocal and musical sparring throughout this crafty, if at times silly, circus of tunes. Le Sac’s considerable mixing talents are on display as he rockets his way through big beats, squelching synths and obscure samples, best displayed in the buoyant Tommy C. Scroobius is a likable character, distilling in his performance that distinctly middle-English street talk into entertaining tales; a matter-o-fact evangelist to Dan Le Sac’s funky breaks. It’s a lot of fun; not necessarily a map-stamping classic, but certainly with enough stomp and circumstance to keep the kids smiling.