Artwork by Kat.

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This exhibition of artworks on show at the Kings Cross Neighbourhood Centre showcases the artistic talents and hidden depths of a marginalised community.

All of the diverse artists included in Art From the Heart are clients of the Uniting Medically Supervised Injecting Centre (MSIC). The exhibition was developed in 2011 to help build a sense of social inclusion. The featured artworks are the fruits of the art therapy program, which is part of Uniting MSIC’s individually tailored support program which offers a compassionate, evidence-based response to drug use by minimising associated harm.

Art from the heart features 72 artworks, mostly acrylic paintings on canvas, with some drawings, sculptures and poems. This year’s theme ‘imagination unlimited’ encouraged participants to let their imagination stretch as far as possible.

One of the clients exhibiting work described the mental health benefits painting has had for him. “Art has always played a part in my life…I disappear in the moment, it’s very therapeutic, it’s like meditating,” he said.

“This exhibition reminds people in the local community that clients who visit the injecting centre are people first and foremost, all with different skills, talents and a story to tell. There’s so much more to our clients than the small amount of time they spend at Uniting MSIC,” said Dr Marianne Jauncey, the Medical Director of Uniting MSIC. (AM)

Until Sep 18, 9am-5pm weekdays. Kings Cross Neighbourhood Centre, 50-52 Darlinghurst Rd, Kings Cross. Free. Info about Uniting MSIC: