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The art scene in Bondi has a new addition in the shape of Art Treasury, a new gallery officially launched early last month with a champagne event.

Rochelle Linz first opened the doors of the gallery seven weeks ago, the idea to introduce a contemporary gallery to promote local Australian artists.

“My vision eventually is to have a few galleries – organise commission work, to have a rental division and to start promoting Australian artists overseas,” says Linz.

Delighted with the turnout on Wednesday night, Linz and art curator Larissa Patrique had organised a Formula 1 prototype car to be painted by artist Justin Fuerring and auctioned off.

Fuerring is originally a Bondi boy who now owns and runs an art cafe/gallery in Melbourne called the Court Jester Cafe.

Flown to Sydney by Patrique, Fuerring spent two days in a garage in Tamarama painting the car as a feature for the exhibition.

Fuerring also has four other works displayed in the gallery which may have a familiar feel to many locals.

“Everybody in Bondi and Sydney is familiar with this style as I grew up in Bondi and I’ve done a lot street art,” says Fuerring.

Other artists on display in the gallery include Yosi Messiah, Gitta Backhausen and Adrian Britnell.

The gallery is located under the Swiss Grand Hotel on Campbell Parade and offers services such as private sales and a professional art consultation.

– By Emma James