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A local illustrator and nature lover was honoured on Saturday during a tree planting ceremony and the unveiling of a memorial bench.

Arthur Boothroyd was best known for his illustrations for the Australian Woman’s Weekly and a booklet marking the opening of the Opera House.

He was also an important member of the Annandale community said Leichhardt mayor Rochelle Porteous.

Family, friends and members of Leichhardt Council, including Ms Porteous and councillors Daniel Kogoy and Vera-Ann Hannaford, gathered to plant the Cape Chestnut before unveiling the bench.

The tribute is located at Pritchard St and Bayview Cres in Annandale.

“Leichhardt Council acknowledges Arthur Boothroyd and the contribution he has made to the community,” she said.

“He was an early member of the Men of the Tree’s group who planted trees around Annandale.”

Mr Boothroyd was also vocal about local environment issues.

“He was able to persuade the Council to connect a tap so he could water the garden at the memorial here.”

The work of residents and the council was also acknowledged by a friend of Arthur’s, Robert Lassau.

“Years ago Arthur created this garden which was once a piece of unused ground,” he said.

“It has been very much appreciated the way this very special garden has been kept going by a number of caring local residents and also the Leichhardt Council.”

Mr Boothroyd’s niece Rosemary Signorelli said he felt strongly about appreciating scenic beauty.

“Later in life he would paint beautiful flowers and beautiful buildings.”

He didn’t find the aesthetics of the monorail pleasing and refused to let it ruin the beauty of Sydney.

“A feisty Arthur was seen during a city protest about the monorail- it was ugly and would spoil the city,” Ms Signorelli said.

The bench plaque reads: “In memory of a much loved local resident Arthur Sharland Boothroyd 1910- 2011 who lovingly cared for this garden over many years to enhance and beautify this part of Annandale Street”

  • Robert Lassau

    Arthur was also head artist of the Australian Women’s weekly for some 40 years and won 3 walkley Awards for his illustrations in that publication. He also illustrated for the Readers Digest for many years when he became a freelance artist.

  • Roz Basile

    Arthur used to have a studio at the back of the house where we lived in 130 Raglan St Mosman and I would love to contact any of his relatives to find out more about his final years.
    Roz Basile and Hugh Storey