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ASP – Blacklevel Embassy
by Aidan Roberts

There are many minions in the army that follows the punk movement. Here, from Melbourne, we have another band waving this flag with full Chatterbox Records vim. Blacklevel Embassy are out there, stamping distorted bass riffs lined with tube-screaming telecasters, and hot-headed white boys yapping their sweaty social comment over the top. It’s a potent formula to be sure, and these guys are more than capable of riling up their audience and smashing your eardrums with a clamorous rock din. Airport brings a slightly jauntier, nu-hip-hop edge to the proceedings with screeching enthusiasm. Rosie stings very clearly of the Stooges’ TV Eye. But although the riffs on this record are solid, the lack of musicality in Adam Cooper’s vocals does tend to let the power down, becoming distractingly atonal. Where the delivery really explodes, voices cracking and guitars squelching, it starts to feel interestingly apocalyptic. But mostly, this is a token punk road that leaves one feeling exhausted, rather than thrilled.