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Their name says it, their lyrics reiterate it: “I’m moving on / Hope your coming with me”. Beneath the layers of smooth synths and antique compressed drum machines, behind the sweet, gentle little girl melodies; these are songs that tell of the hint of melancholy, the slight fear of the unknown when life moves on, even when one knows that to move on is the only choice. The third album from Au Revoir Simone comes together like the chapters of a book, the song titles tell the story, All or Nothing, Take Me As I Am, Shadows, We Are Here, Tell Me. Acceptance and acknowledgement, all wrapped up in a warmth that is so often missing with electronic instrumentation, courtesy of the deft hand of producer  Thom Monahan. This is an album of peaceful melancholy, ready to envelope you, but only if you want it to. Perfect for these grey winter mornings lying in bed with… well that’s up to you. It’s good to see someone rejoicing in the hint of sadness.