At 2pm last Friday a full panel of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal decided to reserve their judgement on whether they could recognise Norrie May-Welby's sex as 'non-specified'.

A Festival of Free Spaces

Over the next month Newtown will become a little more chaotic as the festival of free spaces returns a sense of carnival to the inner west hub.

Love Cats

Over the past year, stray cats have been proliferating across the city. Colonies have been spotted in Redfern, Waterloo and Roseberry. In Glebe, they hang around the public housing during the day, and move over to a building site at night.

Leaf Me Alone

Former Leichhardt Mayor and NSW MP Jamie Parker has called on the council to report on the incidence of tree poisoning and malicious damage in the community.

Hawthorne Canal painted to saftey

The Hawthorne Canal Underpass has been given an exciting new makeover, creating a stylish and safer route for residents and pedestrians.

Local fashion on parade

Last Saturday families, friends and fashionistas flooded into Taylor Square for the LOVE2010 Fashion Parade.

Parker to O’Farrell: The writing’s on the wall

Former Leichhardt Mayor and NSW Greens MP Jamie Parker has condemned new state laws requiring juvenile graffiti artists to appear before courts.

Same-sex marriage campaign hopes to end with success

With marriage equality within their grasp, the gay rights movement is looking for the next step in the fight against oppression.

Barangaroo review picked apart

An independent review into the delivery of the Barangaroo development has elicited mixed responses from local groups and the greens.

Not married for 7 years: Happy Anniversary

Madeleine Boxall, a year 11 student at St Catherine's School in Waverley, was chosen from a field of over 1,800 students across NSW and the ACT who entered this year's competition, for her compelling essay criticising the government’s opposition to same-sex marriage which ‘speaks in volumes, sending an unmistakeable, redoubtable message; being gay makes you different, inferior and abnormal.’