Candidates support local school for local community

The three lead candidates in the upcoming Sydney by-election have committed to supporting the campaign for a local public high school in the electorate. Currently … Read more

Backtracking towards the board

In the first 8 months of this year video game sales plunged 20 per cent in the United States, following an eight per cent drop in 2011. Meanwhile the board games industry has seen surprising double-digit growth since 2008, with Barnes & Noble reporting a massive 30 per cent increase in board games sales in the last year.

Capital punishment worldwide: Fewer executioners, more death

676 people were executed last year, an increase since 2010 and largely attributable to an increase in executions in Iran, Iraq and Saudi Arabia. However the number of countries employing this penalty is decreasing. In 2011 Amnesty International recorded executions in 20 countries, compared to 23 in 2010.

Kings Cross nightclub owners to know where you live

Measures announced by the State Government last week to combat violence in Kings Cross have received harsh criticism from the NSW Council for Civil Liberties (CCL) who fear the ramifications of handing people’s personal details over to the “dubiously colourful identities” that own Kings Cross nightclubs.

Drivers protest greasy deal

Last week members of the Anarchist organized General Transport Workers Association (GTWA) picketed the Dominos Pizza store in Glebe. The pickets are part of an ongoing national campaign against dramatic pay cuts for delivery drivers.

Assange in hot water, Manning likely to boil

Wikileaks founder, serial whistleblower and political pariah Julian Assange would most likely receive an open trial according to the military lawyer for David Hicks Lieutenant Colonel Michael Mori.