Still standing

Over the last few years the Labor party has seen a significant decline in both membership and portion of the vote, particularly in the inner city.

Compensation changes challenged

Greens MPs and union members are furious after cuts to workers compensation were rushed through parliament last week.

Culture of intimidation

Nepotism, intimidation and obscene mismanagement have created a toxic atmosphere at Marrickville’s Addison Road Centre (ARC) say long term tenants of the centre.

National parks under threat

A NSW parliamentary inquiry is set to pave the way for the removal of environmental protections in National Parks and other conservation areas.

Full employment won’t work in casual economy

“A full employment policy is based on the idea that governments act to stimulate the economy and promote and make available enough work for people. That isn’t what this government is doing and it’s not what any government has really done for the last 30 years,” she said.

Riot squad attacks students on campus

NSW police have been accused of brutality, following clashes with students at University of Sydney last Monday.

Unemployed remain under the line

Advocates for young and vulnerable Australians are optimistic after the federal government announced an increase of $4 a week to people on Newstart and Youth Allowance.

Expecting a free range existence

A bill to stop egg companies who falsely market their products as free range has been introduced to NSW parliament by the Greens.

Shooting spurs community outrage

Last Tuesday hundreds gathered at NSW Parliament House to protest police brutality following the shooting of two teenage boys in Kings Cross in April.

Students give Sunday deadline to save staff

A rally against staff cuts earlier this month at the University of Sydney drew more students than any protest since the campaign against the Howard government’s attack on student unionism 7 years ago.