Irene Doutney fills the green bill

In an exclusive interview with the City News City of Sydney Councilor Irene Doutney was very critical of the current regime and said her campaign would be about grass roots democracy.

Residents will have to wait for the bus

Residents in Alexandria may have to wait till the end of the year before transport services to the area improve.

Vision Australia takeover rejected: members see things differently

Sydney based community radio station for the blind, vision impaired and print handicapped, 2RPH has rejected a takeover attempt by the national broadcaster, Vision Australia.

Redfern car clash

Redfern residents have taken a novel approach to parking problems.

Maddening truck can’t Hyde in the park

Ex-porn addict and Christian Democrat, Peter Madden, will host an anti-gay marriage rally as his “hate truck” rolls into Sydney on Sunday.

Alcohol-free zones expand in the east

Randwick City Council is planning to expand alcohol free zones in Maroubra and Randwick despite poor results in other Local Government Areas, and the increased pressure placed on the homeless.

Newtown remarketed

A revamped and renewed weekly community market kicked off last Saturday outside the Hub and the Neighbourhood Centre in Newtown.

Happiest protest ever, says festival organiser

The back lanes of Newtown will be the centre stage of celebration this Saturday as the artists, musicians and weirdos of the inner west come together to reclaim their suburb from the evil forces of gentrification.

Police crack down on post-parade violence

NSW police will be out in force on Saturday night to prevent the annual ritualistic violence that inevitably accompanies Sydney’s Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras.

Parking pangs in Alexandria

Alexandria residents are frustrated by the council’s piecemeal approach to parking around the Australian Technology Park.