Refugee protest marks start of High Court case

Refugee supporters rallied outside the Sydney court precinct in Macquarie Street last Wednesday, against the forced deportation of asylum seekers.

Your rights for the 2012 party season

As the party season heats up, a police crackdown on drugs is almost inevitable, but knowing exactly where you stand will allow you to be smart about your partying.

Independent underdogs nip at the ankles of media giants

We took at look at the rest of Sydney’s Independent Media.

Mainstream coverage of protest a riot

Myopic coverage of the tent embassy protest in Canberra on Australia Day by both the Sydney Morning Herald and the Daily Telegraph painted a very different picture to what actually happened.

Boys gone wild

With the recent success of their Sydney Fringe shows, and live music burlesque event ‘Good Ol’Days’, Gallery Burlesques’ “Boylesque Extravaganza”, Oh Boy Oh Boy, promises to be a night of steamy debauchery.

Getting off at Redfern: wheelchair access denied

Over 40,000 passengers per day walk through the turnstiles at Redfern station, but 10 years after Disability Standards for Accessible Pubic Transport were introduced, there is still no access for disabled people at one of Sydney’s busiest train stations.

Building on cooked figures

The plan in which developers are given the opportunity to build private housing in exchange for renovating existing public housing has been heavily criticised for removing 700 public housing units without a proper plan to relocate them and for attempting to radically change the social mix of the area.

Merchants of death find market in NSW

Following reports that the number of registered firearms and firearm owners in NSW is fast approaching pre-Port Arthur levels, Greens NSW MP David Shoebridge has called for the government to take action to reverse the creeping gun culture in NSW.

No inquiry into transgender woman’s death

Almost 3 years after an indigenous transgender woman died under suspicious circumstances in a NSW prison; there is little support for a parliamentary inquiry into the matter.

Epic waterfight to blast city park

This Sunday hundreds of people will make a splash at Sydney's Annual Epic Water Fight in Victoria Park, Broadway.