Human costs of delayed detention

Indefinite mandatory detention will end up costing Australia much in the long run, as we nurse a legacy of psychological problems caused by placing vulnerable people in terrible conditions.

Julian Burnside to co-host refugee forum

Prominent barrister and activist Julian Burnside QC will speak at a public forum on human rights for asylum seekers, in Leichhardt next month.

Controversial religion descends on UTS

Happy Science’s Oceania Director, Kazuhiro Takegawa says interest in Happy Science and its teachings is fast growing in Australia. There are 2,500 members of Happy Science in Australia and 500 currently practice in locations in Sydney’s eastern and northern suburbs and in the Melbourne CBD. He expects membership to double in the next twelve months.

Housing crisis strangles students

Sydney’s housing affordability crisis is pushing students and low income earners below the poverty line. Patrick Wilmott, a UTS student, faces imminent eviction and is … Read more

Waverley and Sydney embroiled in corruption allegations

Four City of Sydney employees admitted to receiving gifts from developers at an Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) hearing earlier this week. Paul Niles from … Read more

Reserve Bank Occupation Planned

This Saturday Sydney activists inspired by recent international pro-democratic campaigns will attempt to replicate the success of the Occupy Wall Street protests, by occupying the reserve bank.

Marine centre to close after more than a century

Cronulla’s century-long legacy of marine research is coming to an end. The NSW government is shutting down the Fisheries Research Centre as part of its … Read more

Protesters and police face off over housing at Sydney University

Last Friday seven squatters were arrested after they protested atop the roof of an empty church building at Sydney University. The squatters were protesting the … Read more

Newtown carpark provides unexpected space for Guerilla Art Fair

Last week 24 little known artists set up in an unexpected location in the middle of Newtown for the Guerrilla Art Fair. The fair included … Read more

Sydney parking war sees skirmish at the ATP in Redfern

Alexandria residents are feuding with the Australian Technology Park (ATP) over parking in Redfern as the cars of workers and customers from the building overflow … Read more