Poles apart: what Julia can learn from her Icelandic counterpart

Just a few days after Julia Gillard became Australia’s first unwed female Prime Minister, on a distant corner of the globe — Iceland’s first woman … Read more

Queens of the Realm

Bugger the blokes; women are running Sydney. How many major metropolises can boast that the head of every tier of government is a woman? Last … Read more

Not a Bad Place to Be on Planet Earth

Sydney is one of the world’s truly great cities. Over the Queen’s Birthday long weekend I went to the Museum of Contemporary Art on a … Read more

Porn Again Christians

In late April a 25-year-old gay man was sentenced to serve three months jail for selling X-rated videos at the Urge on Oxford Street, in … Read more

Stacks of Trouble for State Labor

The same week the State government cancelled Sydney Metro’s “railway to nowhere” in late February, the new Kenneally government also cancelled the nation’s first air … Read more

Missive from Morocco

Ashes, Airplanes and An Earth Day First by Elizabeth Hilts RABAT, MOROCCO, April 23, 2010 Thanks to the cloud of volcanic ash that wreaked havoc … Read more

How we lost our Voice

Three years ago Rupert Murdoch bought just about every last independent newspaper in inner Sydney, including the Wentworth Courier, the Inner Western Courier, the Southern … Read more

Publisher refutes Courier’s biased report

An Open Letter to the Publisher of the Inner West Courier: The last time I checked there are only two newspapers that send reporters … Read more

Dirty Man’s business up the Cross

Long before the local newspaper publisher and anti development activist Juanita Nielsen was slain trying to sell an ad to one of Abe Saffron’s nightclubs, … Read more


Whether you are putting clothes on your back, food in your belly or simply showcasing your designer pumps at the finest harbourside brassiere, where you … Read more