Sydney activist jailed in Israel

Sydney youth worker Michael Coleman is being detained in an Israeli prison, six days after the boat he was travelling aboard en route to Gaza … Read more

Venue 505 paves the way for success of artist-run spaces

As 505 rolls towards a third year as a legal live music venue, its success at producing quality performances goes to show the possibility of … Read more

Occupy Sydney: another world is possible

“We are building a new society within the shell of the old,” says Andreas, an international student from Surabaya in Indonesia, borrowing a quote from … Read more

Spanish Club fights BACK!

When young Dolores Correa arrived with her family from Spain in 1961 there was nowhere in the city to gather over a plate of tapas … Read more

Acrobatic ghosts to the rescue of a home

The audience is seated in front of an open apartment. Building workers are heard over their walkie-talkies clearing the way for a demolition ball to … Read more

Dangerous Ideas: deadly for some, hopeful for others

The ideas expressed by Julian Assange, Antony Lowenstein, Simon Sheikh and Slavoj Žižek are far from dangerous. They are seductive and beautiful and offer hope.… Read more

Sydney’s first doco fest opens a window to the world

A selection of world-class documentaries is hitting Sydney screens from October 5 to 9, for Australia’s first international documentary film festival. Films spanning the 60s … Read more

Ian Thorpe centre

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Marrickville Council sprays toxic pesticide

Marrickville residents are campaigning against their council’s use of a controversial pesticide to kill weeds in the area. Glyphosate is potentially a carcinogenic and has … Read more

Marrickville Council denies claims of union busting

BY LIZ CUSH Marrickville Council’s Mayor Fiona Byrne has come under attack this month over an industrial dispute with waste collection workers. Ms Byrne has … Read more