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Following the release of her second EP young musician Ayla has witnessed a change in the audience for the live show, but still finds it surreal to be able to play music and tour the world as a career.

Let’s Talk Monday (the second EP) has been incredibly successful since its release just last year. A number of singles from the EP have been receiving extensive radio play, Ayla has been able to tour Australia, the UK and the Netherlands of the back of the EP. Plus more and more fans are coming to shows and singing along to her performances.

“Since I released the first single from the EP in 2018 it’s been a really awesome experience,” reflected Ayla before adding, “It’s hard to comprehend that people I don’t know are listening to my music. To be able to see people singing along is the most incredible feeling, it still hasn’t sunk in that people could possibly know the words to my songs.”

Thanks to the incredible success of the record Ayla has been able to travel abroad, for the very first time in her life which she is incredibly thankful for. During these tours, Ayla has also had the opportunity to play alongside the likes of Kate Miller-Heidke, Asta and Husky, which she explained were fantastic learning opportunities.

“I always find it really interesting to watch other musicians sets, especially those who are doing well, because it’s really interesting to see how they perform live and how they interact with the crowd during the show and afterwards.”

During these tours, Ayla also discovered new live show setups for her own music, whether that was in her original four-piece setup or a three-piece iteration and even right down to a stripped back solo performance.

When combining the new EP with these new live show iterations Ayla has discovered that this particular EP lends itself to the smaller scale, stripped back performance and thus was inspired to create her current tour.

“The single Small Talk, in particular, lends itself to getting up close and personal with the people who are listening to the music. So I’m doing some really intimate shows where it’s just me on the guitar and I can have proper conversations with people there listening.”

Two of the shows, in particular, have been dubbed “house concerts” which Ayla explained are exactly what they sound like.

“Someone opens up their home, either in their living room or backyard, for me to come in and play a really intimate show for their friends and family. It’s such an amazing vibe to have 30-50 people in a room listening to a really stripped back performance. It’s all about focusing on the music and lyrics whilst getting a chance to talk to everyone who is there listening.”

Feb 12. The Vanguard, 42 King Street, Newtown. $14.79+b.f. Tickets & Info:

Feb 15 & 23. House Concerts, Contact Ayla for further information. Info: