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Chris Harris, Greens
City of Sydney councillor
Former deputy lord mayor

Councillor Chris Harris is hopeful of bringing at least one more Green into the City of Sydney Council.

He believes the Greens focus on the environment will help. Policies include joining ‘Green’ councils to drive a renewable energy project using solar thermal power; a zero waste to landfill target for 2050; a demo sustainable house; 500 small sites project for biodiversity and real action on cigarette butt littering and plastic bags.

Also, more cycling and youth facilities in the area, including three new skate parks, a BMX circuit and netball courts; ramping up the anti-homophobic violence campaign; helping cooperatives expand affordable housing and increasing hotel and club membership of the alcohol accord.

Cr Harris said Cr Moore’s party of independents made it difficult for genuine independents to be elected.
‘The only people on Clover’s team are those who will do as she tells them. They’re not genuine independents ‘ on substantive issues they vote together and they caucus all the time. They’re also hand picked by her, there’s no preselection process, no constitution and no publicly available party policies.’

And like Cr Mallard, he objects to what he describes as Cr Moore’s political self-promotion.
‘There’s been an increasing and ongoing use of council resources by Clover to promote herself, including her photo and a statement on every flyer that goes out from the City. ‘In the City News over the last two years there’s been almost a total absence of any councillor other than a member of her team. It’s blatant ongoing campaigning.’

Number 2 on the ticket: Irene Doutney