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After the success of his debut album Mornin Evenin, Melbourne-based country rocker Ben Mastwyk is back and ready to showcase his combination of country, R&B and psychedelic-honky tonk. 

With his new album Winning streak, Mastwyk is definitely able to hit the country stage.

It’s a nice album for country music fans which includes true country music mixed up with some cool effects.

This album contains typical guitar-played country songs as well as some special and different tracks.

While the single This Country sounds like one of his typical country tunes it is a reflection on shifting musical, political and personal tensions.

The song MIA LA is an instant, locomotive classic, Ring Ring Baby shows whooping high-lonesome hankering with classic country aplomb and with its exotic impulses Quit Your Comin Round sounds like a Hawaiian tiki band signing off for the night.

So if you enjoy country music with a side of hillbilly funk, then Mastwyk’s new album will be sure to satisfy.


Reviewed by Lili Sekkai