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Drop your child into the crèche, take a fitness class and pamper yourself in the heated pool.  Or, drop your child into the swim class and indulge yourself at the Kellerman’s café. The state of the art Annette Kellerman Aquatic Centre in Marrickville caters for all ages and needs.  Hydrotherapy, aqua aerobics, yoga, pilates, zumba and wow, even boot camp and Swiss ball.  There is also touch screen cardio equipment with staff on hand to assist in all activities.

Enmore Park Black St, Marrickville.

  • No Pool Fool

    All looks fab on the surface but as a regular user I am very surprised this pool rated well. There are ongoing maintenance issues that see the pool temperature in the programme pool well below what is advertised. Often so cold that those wanting to use it for hydrotherapy have to turn around and go home. Incredibly frustrating and inconvenient for people who are struggling with pain. Accessibility features “look good” but the reality Is that the facility operates in such a way as to provide ongoing obstacles for people with varying levels of disability. I have personally witnessed staff being incredibly rude to people with movement/pain issues and in particular the elderly. It has also happened to me directly. Seating around the programme pool has not been well maintained and it seems that deterioration of metal seat legs has been dealt with by wrapping them in black tape! It would be interesting to know just how much rust is under that tape. I could go on and on…..