'Bewdyful' by Jon Campbell

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Bewdyful by Jon Campbell mixes the power of words and colour to create artistic commentary on life and the Aussie vernacular.

The exhibition consists of painted signs in a variety of fonts which form snippets of conversation. It’s like sitting on a bus and listening to a one-sided phone call.

The words are enhanced by their style and colour. Just Sing What You Feel shines in light blue on a pure white background, its visual clarity complementing the written text.

Sad Times, in shaky orange, surrounded by drab grey does likewise. The stark black and white of I’m Not Racist But.., is a sad thought bubble with multiple layers of meaning.

Bewdyful is a colourful, inspiring collection of artwork which is remarkably suited to the shallowness and text-shortened communications of modern life. It is a stirring and thought-provoking take on brush stroke and language. (LR)

Until Oct 26, Darren Knight Gallery, 840 Elizabeth St, Waterloo, free, darrenknightgallery.com