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Big Things Volume Two is the latest compilation of exclusive tunes from Big Village Records. Founding members Tuka from the Thundamentals, Ellesquire, Daily Meds, True Vibernation and Loose Change collaborate on 14 new tunes as well as solo efforts. Joining them on their second musical adventure are Reverse Polarities, Suburban Dark, Rapaport, Klue and Tenth Dan.

Big Village is a collectively run label aiming to raise the standard and diversity of the Australian hip-hop landscape. Their tracks are bass heavy with a distinctly no-bull attitude driving the lyrics. Diversity is an understatement; despite following the rap thread throughout the entire album, each offering is as different as the big personalities behind them.

Sounds are a little more simple and tribal on Big, which relies heavily on tinny drumming to get the blood pumping. It is in stark contrast to the very next track Nether Regions that rocks an electric guitar riff throughout.

Gingerbread Man sounds like Tenth Dan is fighting a rap battle on Eminem’s 8 Mile but the lyrics are amusing and off-the-cuff enough to entertain and you find yourself hoping he wins. With a strong, determined track list the only weak link is the heavily synthesised final Vertigo, it’s feels messy but Big Village promised to be different and push the standards.