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With the twisted illogic of a Dickensian novel, beloved artist-run studio, performance space, de facto community centre and self-described ‘fanciful hybrid beast’ Bill + George in Redfern is sadly being forced to pull up pegs by their money-grubbing landlord.

After over five years of fostering the growth of Sydney’s leading interdisciplinary artists and collectives, as well as some very memorable parties, an extortionate rent hike has forced the initiative to seek affordable housing elsewhere. But not before hosting one last blowout bash for the ages, and you’re all invited.

With Brutal Poodles (pictured), Kathellisim, LukeSnarl, Sven Simulacrum and more on hand to provide the instrumentals, the vibe will no doubt be anarchic and your hangover Sunday brutal. It’ll be worth it to have shown our city that sometimes people come before property.

Oct 27, 8pm, Bill+George, L1/10-16 William St, Redfern, $10 to cover final eviction costs,