Meagan Pelham

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Carriageworks, Erth and Studio A have collaborated to present Birdfoxmonster, an intimate, multisensory dining experience brought to life by artists; Meagan Pelham, Thom Roberts and Skye Saxon; sound artist, James Brown and digital artist, Elias Nohra.

“[Birdfoxmonster is] a surprise. It’s quite a unique and mysterious work that is very enigmatic and entirely absorbing. All your senses are engaged and you don’t know what’s going to happen next,” says Gabrielle Mordy, the Artistic Director of Studio A and artist’s liaison for the exhibit.

“Over four years, the artists have been working together and realising their synchronicity, each bringing a different skill to the piece.”

Under the capable direction of Scott Wright, Birdfoxmonster is an immersive experience with audiences dining at long tables while masked performers and video projections delight and distract. Tantalising dishes reflecting each artist’s relationship with food will be served on bespoke MUD Australia crockery, each piece having been hand-painted by an artist.

Birdfoxmonster is one of ten Carriageworks-commissioned exhibits underpinning the organisation’s ‘New Normal’ National Strategy, which aims to remove barriers to inclusion for people with disability in the arts.

“The importance of the ‘New Normal’ National Strategy is that it’s allowing excellent artwork made by artists with disability to be seen in one of Australia’s leading arts platforms and be experienced by audiences,” says Mordy. “It’s framing it as art that is important to our cultural life rather than as letting people with disability ‘participate’.”

Sep 21-30. Carriageworks, 245 Wilson St, Eveleigh. $70. Tickets & Info:

By Emily Shen.