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Life’s a bitch, especially for those unfortunate enough to have neighbours like the Post family – a fictitious suburban working class family whose dysfunctionality will have audiences laughing-out-loud.

Gambling, alcohol and porn addiction, racism and homosexuality are just some of the important issues tackled in this black comedy which many families experience on a daily basis.

Award winning playwright Wayne Tunks who also produced and co-directed this play, said that all families are dysfunctional to a certain degree and that the Leave It To Beaver family is a fantasy.

“No family is perfect. We can see so much of people whom we know and even elements of ourselves in these characters. Playwrights always write about what they know – I’ve borrowed much from other people’s lives and even from my own”.

Tunks said a wonderful cast has been assembled to bring the Post family to life on stage. He also plays the role of Jimmy, a 40 year-old guy who had a traumatic experience in high school and hasn’t been able to put it behind him – he’s afraid to live.

“My character is probably the most dysfunctional,” laughed Tunks.” I’m having so much fun playing Jimmy and as a writer I can write a role I can put myself into”.

Tunks said that ultimately the Post family are not bad. “They love one another and will always be there for each other. Throughout the serious drama and heart-warming humour audiences will be rooting for this family”.

“My work is accessible. I make theater for average people who never go to the theater, where they can experience something new. It’s a safe environment. Grab a couple of friends, watch the show, have a few laughs then go down the pub and have a few drinks!” (MMo)

May 31-Jun 17. Depot Theatre, 142 Addison Rd Marrickville. $27-$32. Tickets & Info: