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Energetic rave-pop duo Blood on the Dancefloor are kind of a big deal, at least to their MySpace-dwelling, rabid young fans. On this, their third album, Dahvie Vanity and Jayy Von Monroe have seized the opportunity to modify their usually crass subject matter, replacing it with a (similarly schlocky) message of self-help and pseudo-scientific mysticism. While interspersed affirmations like Mother Earth, Rampage of Love and Love is the Message sound like chunks from The Secret’s audiobook, the band’s signature trance-like, screamo-pop beats and synth-heavy production has gotten noticeably bolder. Dupstep-esque rap break-downs on songs like Fantasyland break up the layers of 180bpm noise, while guest appearances from Good Charlotte’s Joel Madden on the Edward Scissorhands-inspired Incomplete and All Alone and rapper Deuce on anti-bullying anthem Rise and Shine! distract from the release’s complete lack of auto tune. A brave decision – especially when one hears Vanity’s earnest yet cheesy delivery at the beginning of You Are the Heart. Loyal fans need not worry however; the group hasn’t swapped gore for optimism permanently, as the lyrics to Revenge Porn colourfully illustrate.  ½ a star

Written by Jerico Mandybur