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Blue Love is infused with witty satire, film, dance and intense physical theatre. The performance is sure to be quirky, challenging and enormously entertaining. It tackles the clichés of pop culture by featuring a pulsing and dynamic array of popular songs about love and heartbreak. It parodies the romantic notion of love as well as coupledom and suburbia.

The piece’s main characters believe their relationship is perfect and in this way their living room becomes the canvas for exploring how our society has come to represent and reflect on love.

Blue Love is both multi-dimensional in its incorporation of highly well-known art, theatre, music and film. The audience are taken on a journey in search of the perfect relationship, parodying the lip-service given to the idea of love and its incarnations.

“I was inspired by how romantic love runs rampant through all art forms, both popular and high-art, and provides such juicy thematic fodder for artists and audiences alike,” said director Shaun Parker.

The piece is a comical introspection into some of the ideas society has been built upon as well as the lived experiences of us all. Through use of a varied selection of music and choreographic forms the piece directly communicates to audiences in a multitude of ways on big themes connecting us.

The show’s ability to laugh at these topics and in a humorous way allows it to appeal to audiences young and old, fusing funky retro suits with twerking and Britney Spears.

Funds raised from this event will allow Australia’s most wide reaching and accessible not-for- profit dance company to continue to create new work and deliver their ground-breaking dance education program.

Aug 23. The Seymour Centre, Chippendale. $50. Tickets & Info: or PH: (02) 9351 7940

By Ellouise Bailey.