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The synopsis of this Australian film is quite intriguing – two brothers return to the family homestead out bush with the intention of murdering their step-father and making it look like suicide. The reason for this dastardly act? Their mother is dying of terminal cancer and the property bequeathed to the stepfather will pass onto them in the event of his death.

Not a completely original story, but audiences should be captivated by the spine-chilling chain of events which are cleverly intermingled with humorous dialogue.

Real life brothers Clayton and Shane Jacobson play the leads and their idyllic chemistry playing these evil characters which are vastly overshadowed by stupidity should ensure that audiences actually enjoy their villainous escapades.

The darkest of black comedies, this film transitions from two brothers childishly arguing and reminiscing about their early lives to bloodshed and murder. The shattering yet satisfying conclusion which resonates that crime doesn’t pay should leave audiences stunned. (MMo)