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With a resume to boot, Butterfly Boucher has released her self-titled third album, placing her well in the ranks of Sarah Blasko, Clare Bowditch and Sarah McLachlan. With previous acknowledgements from David Bowie, Madonna, Ben Folds and even credits on the soundtracks of Charmed, Shrek 2 and Grey’s Anatomy in her armory, Boucher’s new album was recorded in Nashville where she played almost every instrument heard on the album.

Firstly an alt-rock album, Boucher’s unassuming creamy vocals complement the harsher instrumental timbres. Rising to the challenge of writing a ‘dance-track’ the very first song, 5, 6, 7, 8! is positive from beginning to end. Opening with a buoyant bass riff balanced by off-beat clapping, energy is driven through the entire song. The cheeky percussive bridge shows off Boucher’s creativity and intrepid musicality. Continuing the trend, I Wanted to be the Son announces itself with a staunch opening riff, and Unashamed Desire (co-written Missy Higgins) is again crafted around a strong rhythmic backbone. Whilst still engulfed in an electro pop/rock sound, tender moments surface in Warning Bell and Don’t Look Now. If the defiant musicality of this album is anything to go by, Boucher’s upcoming tour is surely something to be seen. Choosing venues traditionally reserved for the performing art, she plays the York Theatre at the Seymour Centre on Friday 8th of June.