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Friendly Canada has a new gift for Sydney. The Possible World’s film festival show cases the country’s 20 best films.

“The films are all made by Canadian filmmakers, some of who will be in town to present the event, and they represent the wide diversity of filmmaking in Canada.” says Possible Worlds artistic director, Mathieu Ravier.

Highlights include a showcase by Canada’s directing poster boy, Bruce McDonald including zombie horror flick, Pontypool which will be introduced by the stars of the film; and music films Trigger and This movie is broken about the music group Broken Social Scene. Appearances by Canadian actor, Stephen McHattie, who stars in the festival’s opening film; and by documentary film makers Jay Cheel, who will be presenting his new film Beauty Day, and Jeff Topham, who will present his documentary Liberia 77.

The screening of the film A Drummer’s Dream will be followed by a drum solo completion and a live performance by Sydney band The Sculptures with free beer and pizza for everyone.

“We have a lot in common, Australia and Canada, historically and we have the same sense of humour,” says Ravier. “It’s actually quite easy to find films that audiences here will embrace.”

August 8-14, Dendy Opera Quays,