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Rasa Mandala is a meeting of polar opposites in terms of style, sound, and influences. From the East and and from the earliest styles of music there are sounds of sitars and chanting. It definitely has an sub-contentiental base to it. From the West and from the most recent decades there are the sounds, structures and benefits from modern computer programing. Dance music is definitely an influence but in a more passive and relaxed  way. No one is going to be listening to this album and breaking out the glow-sticks or seeking out a podium to perch themselves upon.  The tracks are quite subtle and build gently to a crescendo of sorts without bashing you over the core theme of each piece, and with some clocking in at over ten minutes, brevity is not an aim. This gives the melodies and themes of each song time to develop and unfold without pressure. It’s clear that these numbers were never written with the concerns of commercial FM radio stations in mind. It’s great that this music isn’t rushed to get to the point or indeed does there need to be one.