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An original piece of work, Carmen, Live or Dead will be premiering at Hayes Theatre Co, immersing audiences into a celebration of life and love.

Audiences can expect to witness the unique story of Carmen Frida Leon Davidovich, who is the fictional love child of Frida Kahlo and Leon Trotsky. Actor for Carmen, Natalie Gamsu said,

“Carmen is a Mexican refugee that finds her way to the country. She is intersex, she’s dying, it is her last day on this earth, she is wild and embraces life hugely and ultimately learns to embrace her death. She’s a trip.”

The show will not only showcase beautifully written music and fabulous acting, but will incorporate elements from cabaret, vaudeville and magical realism.

“It’s an engaging piece that is hopefully both moving and very funny. She’s wild, Carmen, they can expect a real ride and hopefully to identify and to feel like ultimately, being the most of who you can be is really our job as human beings.”

Carmen, Live or Dead is a celebration of life, and Gamsu hopes everyone feels comfortable enough to be themselves during the performance.

“Carmen embraces everyone including herself, so I think it’ll be something unusual and visually exciting. It would be wonderful for people to support new work and the fabulous cast and crew as our show gives the audience permission to just be themselves.”

Apr 28-May 6. Hayes Theatre Co, 19 Greenknowe Ave, Potts Point. $49-$59+b.f. Tickets & Info:

By Jade Morellini