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After playing together for the past five years jazz band Casey Golden Trio, made up of Casey Golden, Bill Williams and Ed Rodrigues will finally release their debut album Outliers with a launch show set for early next month.

Before stepping into the studio to record the band were determined and focused on building a rapport. The album has been a long time in the making. “In a way we’ve been working on it the whole time, with some of the songs being old ones, some in the middle and then there are quiet a few new ones on there,” says Golden. “[Over the years] I tended to write the music and bring it to the band who then bring their own twists to it and we all trust each other to let the music flow.”

Despite spending five years writing the album, once the decision was made to record things began moving extremely quickly with Golden stating that “we recorded it all live in one day”.

For this group timing and seemingly fate have been constant themes in their development even down to their initial meetings and formation. Golden and Williams first met in New York while both visiting as tourists who happened to be seated alongside each other at a show before parting ways and forgetting all about each other, a year later having now moved to Sydney Williams would, once again by chance, see Golden perform. Finally when Williams and Rodrigues wanted to jam with a local Sydney musician they called Golden and quickly hit it off. “To be honest I’m not generally into fate but there was certainly a bit of good fortune to us all coming together,” says Golden.

Having taken some time off from touring to record and finalise the album the group is “super excited to get playing again”. For the live show, which showcases piano, bass and drums, the group like to keep things different by “improvising the music each time to make it different for us a much as for the audience. We also have a lot of interaction between each of us to highlight that we are constantly playing off of what the others are doing,” says Golden.

Feb 5, Venue 505, 280 Cleveland St, Surry Hills,