'Haze' Tully Arnot, Sarah Contos, Jensen Tjhung. 2014 installation view, 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art. Courtesy of the artists. Photo: Zan Wimberley
'Electric' by Merri Cyr
'Transition' by Khadim Ali
'Baffle Dice Blankaroo' by Rhys Lee
Gateway 12 by Simon Bernhardt
'Muse' by John Stezaker
'Casino' by Annette Messager, 2005
"577" Writing Home. Henry Charles Marshall (1890-1915). Kensington to Cairo and from Cairo to Gallipoli. Album of photographs (1914-1915).
'Dreaming Warriors', by Graham Toomey
'The Curtain Breathed Deeply', by Justene Williams.