Fuck Buttons – Street Horrrsing

Street Horrrsing ‘ Fuck Buttons BY CHRIS PEKEN Not for the faint hearted are this Bristol duo of Andrew Hung and Benjamin John Power, collectively … Read more

The Cassettes – Neath the Pale Moon

‘Neath the Pale Moon ‘ The Cassettes BY CHRIS PEKEN As their name might suggest, The Cassettes inhabit a world that is somewhat out of … Read more

Katheleen Edwards – Asking for Flowers

Asking for Flowers ‘ Katheleen Edwards BY CHRIS PEKEN Getting past the back cover picture that shows this Canadian singer-songwriter looking like an Amish Celine … Read more

Various Artists – Controversy: A Tribute to Prince

Controversy: A Tribute to Prince ‘ Various BY CHRIS PEKEN Prince, Love Sign, The Artist Formerly Known as Prince, or as his mother named him, … Read more

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – Dig Lazarus, Dig!!!

Dig Lazarus, Dig!!! ‘ Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds BY CHRIS PEKEN Can this man really be about to clock up the half century’ … Read more

Ruthie Foster – The Phenomenal

The Phenomenal ‘ Ruthie Foster BY CHRIS PEKEN Ruthie Foster hails from that hotbed of American music; Austin, Texas. She is old school, old school … Read more

Dawn Landes – Fireproof

Fireproof ‘ Dawn Landes BY CHRIS PEKEN It has taken a while for Dawn Landes second album to get a local release but Fireproof is … Read more

Maria Solheim – Will There Be Spring?

Will There Be Spring’ ‘ Maria Solheim BY CHRIS PEKEN There is a touch of gentle country twang in a guitar or two, the soft … Read more

Fonda 500 – Je M’Appelle Stereo

Je M’Appelle Stereo ‘ Fonda 500 BY CHRIS PEKEN It’s hard to believe that something hailing from Hull in England can be so bright and … Read more

Billy Bragg – Mr Love and Justice

Mr Love and Justice ‘ Billy Bragg BY CHRIS PEKEN Mr Love and Justice is probably the most apt title yet in terms of describing … Read more