Best Meal after 2am: Harry’s Cafe de Wheels

Along with kangaroos and vegemite, the crispy, golden meat pie is a world-renowned Australian icon. More locally, Harry’s Café de Wheels is an iconic Sydney … Read more

Best Meal for $2: Little Haveli

Most samosas for under $4 have the texture of a thick layer of wet tissues and have no decipherable vegetables inside their generic spiced mush. … Read more

Best Mexican Restaurant: Guzman y Gomez

There’s no food quite like Mexican food and there’s no better place in Sydney to get it than Guzman y Gomez in Newtown. Finding needles … Read more

Best place to cry: Gelato Messina

Gelato-maker Nick Palumbo is so determined to make every granule of every flavour from scratch he would probably grow his gelato if he could. The … Read more

Best place to drink coffee on a bicycle: Coffee Tea & Me

Seriously, don’t DIY this one, unless you like stains or work for Napisan. The rest of us head to Coffee Tea & Me, a teaspoon-sized … Read more

Best place to go on a date: Mamasan

Asian Tapas is the new black and Mamasan is leading the trend. This restaurant is beautifully decked out with furniture and knickknacks sourced from Asia. … Read more

Best place to Napalm your own Tongue: Twisted Noodle

Twisted Noodle serves traditional and intensely yum Yunnanese cuisine with addictive chilli and sour levels that have no rational upper-limit. You can get as much … Read more

Best Ramen: Gumshara

Long ago, it is said an apprentice made 100,000 bowls of ramen to master the thickest and tastiest broth, using only pork  bones and water. … Read more

Best Russian Restaurant: Romance

Nestled by Anzac Parade is Sydney’s best Russian experience. During the week, the restaurant is a warmly lit romantic getaway, enhanced through live music. On … Read more

Best Sausage Roll: Bourke Street Bakery

Australians take sausage rolls very seriously and they don’t get better than the ones from Bourke Street Bakery. This Sydney institution offers three varieties, hand-made … Read more